Discover the evolution of paella, brought to you by Quique Dacosta. A modernist take on wood-fired Valencian cooking in the heart of Fitzrovia.

Over the past thirty years, Quique has built a name for himself around the world for his artistic expression in the kitchen, and for being a pioneer of new avant-garde cuisine which contextualises Alicante, Valencian and Spanish innovative food.

His flagship restaurant in Denia, the eponymous Quique Dacosta Restaurant, has held three Michelin-stars since 2013 and holds a position on the World’s 100 Best Restaurants List. His portfolio also includes El Poblet, a one Michelin-starred restaurant in Valencia city, Mercat Bar, Vuelve Carolina, and most recently Llisa Negra.

Quique’s London restaurant will focus on rice, a product that does not currently have much presence in high-end gastronomy but has always been integral to the chef’s cooking; his book and treaty about rice, Arroces Contemporáneos, was published in 2005. ‘Arrosses’, an entire section of the menu devoted to rice, will include dishes such as Paella Valenciana, a traditional take on the dish that includes Rabbit chop, chicken and butter beans, and is cooked over a wood fire.

More contemporary rices, highlighting premium and seasonal UK ingredients, will include a “chapas” with Smoked Welsh Duck breast, morel, black trompettes and porcini aioli. All the rices will be designed to share, as they are in Valencia, evoking a sense of familial ritual, comfort and tradition that Quique credits to rice dishes from around the world.

The rest of the menu will feature a selection of innovative ‘entradas’, inspired by Valencia and London combined, as well as a range of main dishes cooked over fire or charcoal. In addition to a selection of accompanying side dishes, an aioli menu will offer six varieties of the traditional Spanish sauce (pronounced all I oli in Valencian dialect), whilst signature desserts will include a Giant cookie with Macademia nut and Araguani chocolate and Cheesecake, almond paper, forest fruit syrup, biscuit ice cream.

To drink, Arros QD’s wine list will pay tribute to the wines that grow around the Mediterranean sea, focussing on organic farms, along with premium wines from the most traditional regions of the world. A bar menu will continue on the Mediterranean theme, celebrating modern takes on classic cocktails from the sea’s key cities. A further category will focus on seasonal and locally sourced botanicals, plants and fruits, all thoughtfully paired with unique spirits to bring out the best of their original flavour.

Arros QD has been designed by the highly-lauded Barcelonian studio, Lázaro Rosa-Violán, and will showcase an open kitchen that awards diners views of the eight-metre flame grill upon which their rice is cooked. The restaurant will be set across two floors with a total of 140 covers, including bar seating and a more immersive chef’s paella counter as well as a chef’s table.

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