Enrique Tomás

“Enrique Tomás, a self-made company.

It all began about 40 years ago, when Enrique Tomás the businessman, started his first business: a stall in the “La Salut” market in Badalona. From there, to get the more than 100 stores that are currently inside and outside Spain, we have travelled a road full of dreams, effort and hard work.

With the same objective of the first day, that of showing the world how to call our king product, by its true name, Jamón. Enrique Tomás works with passion and humility because we know that it is an ambitious objective, but, to put the Jamón Ibérico in the place it deserves within the gastronomic jewels of the world, is practically a duty.

If you ask us about the success of the company, we focus on the fact that, at Enrique Tomás, the quality of the products is as important as the team in charge of selling them. Without the wonderful human team we have, fulfilling our objective this would be an impossible task.”


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