Spanish Colmado


Spandeli says:

“Spandeli is a Spanish food shop and delicatessen in Hackney offering typical Spanish products such as ColaCao, sangría, hand-carved ibérico bellota ham, cheese and cured meats. We also offer sourdough baguette sandwiches freshly prepared, as well as platters and snacks for your tapas parties.”

Spandeli is a good reliable Hackney based Spanish ‘colmado’ (grocery) selling from basic needs for Spanish people to some luxuries.

But you can find selected wines, charcuterie, ColaCao, sobrassada, fuet, very good chorizo, caneloni pasta, and lots of ‘conservas’ for the ‘aperitivo’, and much more!

You can also buy there paella dishes and ceramics.

Oh, yes! And delicious sourdough bread homemade sandwiches!

Pity about the too obvious Spanish flag flying on the wall…


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