“Founded by a group of friends back in 2011, the restaurant is a love letter to Galician cuisine. Their daily (and sometimes twice-daily) changing menu shines with quality ingredients and seasonal produce. There’s no soggy patatas bravas here; instead you’ll find elegant partnerings like sautéed mushrooms with grapes, hazelnuts and payoyo cheese, muscular octopus leg with woody Jerusalem artichokes, and Iberian pork secreto (a shoulder cut) served with beetroot and charred clementines. These are dishes that can only be topped by the discerning selection of Galician and Catalan natural wines, and the unusual trio of sweets, including a chocolate, olive oil and salt mousse.

Downstairs, meanwhile, is a dining area for larger parties; but they frequently clear the decks here for cultural events like flamenco, burlesque, live music and film nights, followed by lengthy candlelit discussions with nibbles and wine…

…because it turns out that’s pretty moreish, too.”

Quote from The Nudge

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