Bechamel based Jamón Croquetas

This recipe is for Jamón croquetas (Serrano Ham), but you can add / replace the jamon for any other ingredient you fancy (morcilla, mushrooms, previously roasted chicken or pork belly, etc…)

In a big saucepan / frying pan start caramelising some onion either with some olive oil or with butter.

Shred some serrano ham (the better the quality, the better the flavour). Note some people likes to do little small cubes, I prefer the jamón to ‘melt’ with the onion, spreading all the relish.

Once the onion and jamón are melted and transparent, start making a béchamel sauce on the same pan. Add the flour, some butter and you can either use milk OR use some broth if you got some; that will give the final croqueta a much more distinctive savour. I’m not a big fan of just eating fried bechamel…

Then cook till you have the desired consistency on the mixture. Making sure you used some nutmeg and is seasoned to your taste

You should have a mixture consistent enough to do the balls, but not too hard. The trick is to find this fine line, which will result in a croqueta crispy outside and really melty inside. It helps to rest the mixture in the fridge for few hours before start doing the croquetas.

Then, using a tablespoon and your hands, start making balls, giving it a long oval shape of about 2 inches. As you do the balls, you should have 2 bowls, one with breadcrumbs, and one with beaten egg.

Dunk the ball into the breadcrumbs, then into the egg, and then into the breadcrumbs again (or you can use flour for the first one).

Then deep-fry it in olive oil for few minutes until golden and set aside to drain on a kitchen paper or in a small mesh strainer to make sure they are not too oily.

Serve immediately and enjoy!