black rice
black rice

Black Rice & Allioli

Fry some prawns (as many as people)

Set aside

Prepare some fish soup with white fish bones, onion, garlic, etc… (be creative here)

In same frying pan with the prawn juice, grate an onion

Add chopped red peppers + black pepper + clove of garlic unpeeled

Add finely chopped garlic and parsley

Add green beans

Wait till onion is brownish

Add the rice and ‘brown it’ (let it absorb the juices before pouring the soup)

Add soup – Usually 1:2 or 1:3 depending of type of rice, I use Arborio: so 1:2 (one rice for 2 water or more)

Add squid ink and stir (add or correct salt)

Add cockles and mussels to discretion

Wait 17 minutes; then check and stop, let it rest for 7 minutes; it has to feel a little raw, but will cook, resting, eventually.

In meantime, do some Allioli or Garlic Mayonnaise, serve aside.

When ready, serve a lump of back rice, some allioli and any other sidekicks, such as asparagus Enjoy!