Canalons de fonda a la catalana


  • 1 small chicken
  • 1 onion
  • Garlic
  • Black pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Butter
  • Cannelloni pasta (El Pavo?)
  • Milk, butter, salt, black pepper, nut meg and remaining juices from the roast for the béchamel
  • Grated cheese

Catalan Canalons


This is a very traditional Catalan recipe. Often served on ‘Fondas’ (the Catalan equivalent of Inns) or on family meals on Sundays, supposedly using the ingredients of last day’s roast.

For the filling usually several meats are used, depending of what’s available. But more often they are based on roast chicken with some pork. In this occasion, I did buy a small chicken and roasted it. I did also boil a couple of potatoes and fried some chopped onions to a point of caramelisation (with some additional garlic, pepper and a touch of honey). Put it all together (minus chicken bones and skin, of course) and roughly blend it. Let it rest few hours…

Then, I was fortunate enough to have some the original cannelloni pasta ‘El Pavo’ that I brought from Barcelona, it really makes a big difference; alternatively, you can find pasta tubes or lasagne pasta in some London shops. I boiled the pasta and layered on top of a linen cloth. With care and patience (see gallery below), roll the paste inside each square of pasta and place them orderly on a tray ready for the oven. To be honest, I asked my girlfriend to do that because…

At the same time, start making a béchamel sauce, don’t be afraid of using reaming juices and be generous with the nutmeg. Im sorry to say I do this by eye, so I cannot provide here the exact amounts of ingredients to make the béchamel to fit perfectly the amount of cannelloni. Good luck!

Cover the cannelloni on the tray with the béchamel; grate some (Cheddar?) cheese and sprinkle with black pepper and few mini-knobs of butter. Place on a pre-heated oven, let it get hot for 15 minutes and then grill on the oven till golden’n’crispy.

Serve and eat immediately, enjoy!