chicken & prawns

 List of Ingredients:

– Organic/Corn feed chicken
– 5 or 6 fresh praws
– Onion
– Red pepper
– 2 x Fresh tomatoes
– Oyster (or other) mushrooms
– Garlic
– Parley
– Prunes
– Pine nuts
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Chicken broth or any alternative
– Grouded almonds
– Corn flour


Chicken & Prawn Casserole (Mar i Muntanya)

This is a typical traditional Catalan recipe from Girona (Catalonia); they call it ‘Mar I Muntanya’ (Sea & Mountain) and it’s based on chicken with prawns. Here the quality of ingredients is important. I’ve done my own version, which also includes mushrooms in this case…

Get a nice organic / corn feed / quality full chicken and cut it in quarters or in eight pieces.

Get some fresh prawns from your local fishmonger (I normally calculate at least one prawn x person, so let’s say this recipe is for 4/6 people); as you are at the fishmonger, feel free to have a handful of clams and / or mussels for extra flavour and effect.

In a large iron cast casserole (I did invest on a good Le Croissette, worth the money if you cook often), put some extra virgin olive oil, 3 or 4 garlic cloves unpeeled and start searing the chicken, making sure the skin get all golden and crispy. Put aside when done.

Now, once removed the chicken, add the prawns, let them get gungy and expel all (orangey) juices; remove aside too.

Grate a medium onion (if you can find white onions from Figueres that will be a plus, but don’t worry if you don’t) and start cooking the onion. Add some chopped red / orangey pepper if you like it. I also added pine nuts and a few prunes. Add some finely chopped parsley and garlic; let it cook for a while (5 min) and add roughly chop mushrooms (In this case I used Oyster; but feel free to experiment with mushrooms). Let it cook a little more…

Grate 2 medium fresh tomatoes and let them cook with the mix.

I did not have an already made broth, so I did some with dry Porcini mushrooms and some organic veggie stock.

Stir well the mix, place the chicken nicely, skin up and nearly cover with the broth. Put the lid on the casserole and –if oven ready- place in the oven at 150 degrees for one or two hours.

Towards the end, add some grounded almonds (3 teaspoons), a tiny bit of dissolved corn flour, the already cooked prawns and –if applicable- the mussels / clams.

Let cook for another 12 minutes (lid off) and let it rest. Note this plate tastes better after resting…

You can serve it with a nice bread, rice or homemade chips.