Ingredients (serve 4):

  • One big Grey Mullet filleted
  • 8 frozen peeled and veined raw prawns
  • Som shitake mushrooms
  • One handful of fresh cockles
  • Some colourful tomatoes for a salad
  • 4 x Cyprus potatoes to bake + butter
  • Some coarse salt for the baking
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Garlic, salt and chillies
  • Pea-shot, garlic and radish leaves salad

Colourful Grey Mullet

Grey mullet with an emulsion of prawns, cockles and shitake mushrooms with a 3 colour tomato salad, a baked potato (on a salt bed) and pea-shot salad topping…

Went to the fishmonger with an open mind, to see what I find. Finally, I’ve got a big filleted grey mullet, a very sustainable affordable white fish, full of goodies!

Recipe for 4:

I started preheating the oven at 200°C and baking 4 x Cyprus small potatoes on a bed of coarse salt for 45 mins.

I opened a refreshing crispy beer and I thought about what to do. I started by infusing 180cl of extra virgin olive oil with garlic, chillies one bay-leaf and the fat of the fish belly.

Later, leaving time for the potatoes to cook, always with a low temperature, I added frozen peeled prawns (making sure you emulsify the oil!) and cockles, plus some shitake mushrooms I cooked previously aside. Plus chopped parsley.

Meanwhile, I did a side salad with 3 types of tomatoes: yellow, green and red + chopped onion, salt and olive oil. (See images)

Finally, when the potatoes were done, I stop the oven, started the grill and placed the 4 chunky pieces of the filleted grey mullet (skin up) on a parchment paper on the middle of the oven for 5 mins, top grill full gear!

Remove and start making the plate with all ingredients plus some nice wild pea-shot, radish and garlic leaves salad for a final touch of freshness.

Take a photo for Instagram and enjoy!