Freddie’s Birthday Taster Menu

For this last Freddie’s 9th birthday, we invited his friends to have a Posh Taster Menu.

The kids have to try all the 14th dishes that comprised the menu and rate each plate…

Main dishes were:

  • Spicy gambas with garlic & parsley
  • Chicken Croquetas
  • Assorted green salad with fruits
  • Fried quail egg on mini toasted bread
  • One crisp with Tabasco sauce
  • Hummus
  • Anchovies stuffed Manzanilla green olives
  • Crispy grilled mackerel filet
  • Home made sausage rolls (using classic pork sausages from Meat)
  • Black rice wit home-made mayonnaise
  • Sticky chicken wings
  • Dinosaur in jelly
  • and more…

(the cake, this time, was bought in a shop, sorry!)