pork cheeks


– 4 Pork Cheeks (if you can have Iberico pork, better)
– One large onion
– One large carrot
– One large tomato
– Garlic
– Mushrooms (Shitake better)
– Pepper (any, red, green, yellow)
– Olve oil (extra virgin)
– Salt
– Blak pepper (both grinded and full)
– Cinamon
– Honey
– Bay leaf
– Any type of broth (water will be fine too)


Pork Cheeks / Galtes de Porc

Iron cast pan / casserole dish. Sear the cheeks with extra virgin olive oil till golden and crispy, high heat. Add a cople of garlic cloves, skin on. Reitre. Add roughly chopped onion and pepper, sweat for 5 minutes and add equaly chopped carrot and tomatos; add grinded pepper, salt a tbsp sugar and some herbs of your choice (oregano, thyme, etc). let it cook till tomatos are melting. You can also add here some mushrooms (Shitake) and finely chopped garlic and parsley.

Add back the cheeks, a large glass of red wine, let the alcohol evaporate and add a liter of broth. I used a dry mushroom broth.

Then, place the casserole on the oven, lid on, for like 2 hours at 170 degrees. Go and have a drink, a cigarette or anything that tickles your fancy. Watch a movie!

Once the meet of the cheeks starts melting down and its soft – the final effect should be gelatinous- remove from oven. Place cheeks aside. On a frying pan, melt some butter with full round black pepper, add honey, then sieve the juice from the casserole into it. Let it thicken a little (if necessary add some very little amount of cornflour). let it reduce.

Put back and heat the c heeks.

Serve with anything you fancy like potatoes, pastry, rice, etc…