Rice Cod ‘a la Manu’

This recipe was originally invented by Manu Balaguer in Barcelona and I have adopted it

  • Cut a fresh piece of cod cod in big dices or small portions
  • Slightly flour them and fry in a big paella or frying pan
  • Set aside when golden (but not overcooked)
  • Cut in small thin slices like 5 or 6 cloves of peeled garlic
  • Add to the frying pan, but don’t burn them, the idea is slow cooking till near caramelised
  • Add paella or Arborio rice and fry too
  • Add THIS DELICIOUS FISH BROTH you have prepared earlier or use a fish stock
  • Note that rice will cook in over 15 min. It is crucial not to overcook the rice. You want it ‘al dente’
  • Add immediately after the broth the clams, which will open with the steam and the liquid
  • When you are in the final minutes, add the previously fried pieces of cod on top in a decorative manner
  • Let it rest 5 min and serve
  • Please note twice the liquid than the rice; so 1 pint of broth for ½ a pint of rice