– 1 Large onion
– 2 Medium potatoes
– Eggs (6)
– Olive oil


– Drop of milk
– Drop of soya sauce
– Red pepper / peas
– Chorizo
– Parmesanno / cheese

*(Alternatively, instead of turning the omelette, you can grill it in the oven with an oven proof pan, as in the gallery below. I also sprinkled some Parmessano in top)

Spanish-ish Omelette

In a frying pan, with extra virgin olive oil, shallow fry chopped potatoes and onion

Add a unpeeled clove of garlic (or two)

Keep frying until cooked

In a bowl, crack some eggs and whisk, add a drop of milk (and just a few drops of soya sauce) + season with salt & pepper

Add the cooked potatoes and onion to the bowl, mix and let sit a little

In the same frying pan, add the mix; let it cook till set at the bottom (few minutes)


With a big plate, cover the frying pan and TURN the omelette (don’t worry, after six or seven attempts, you’ll get it right)

Put the omelette back in the pan top side down and now cook this side

I like it runny, but cook to taste, serve & enjoy!