Stomako is a special recipes website, beautiful, visual and simple:

“This is neither a regular website with recipes nor one of those cooking programs with many egos steaming up the screen.

Hands, music and the best ingredients. These will be the only main characters of this videocooking project, aiming only to make things happen on your tables.

A place for freedom, technique and improvisation. Where there’s room for everything, from the most sophisticated creation to the wordliest appetizer.

‘Cause if it’s true that we are what we eat, we’ll help you to be more and better.

Carmen, lay the table with our best tablecloth. We’re having guests today!

Your mothers, your partners and, on top of that, your stomachs will be grateful.

Wait a moment… Can you hear that?

They’re your family and friends’ stomachs clapping.

The time has come to give your stomach what it deserves!

Bon appétit !”

sgd: Rubén León & Guiye Comín


Here a sample:

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